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What does...

"Sustainable Fat Loss"

Mean To You?

Maybe you've tried multiple fitness programs and lost weight successfully but couldn't keep it off because it didn't fit your busy lifestyle?

Maybe you love working out on a regular basis, but you can't seem to get the last bit of belly fat off your waist.

Maybe you've been eating "healthy" for so long, but find that you only feel worse even

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though everyone tells you it's the "best" diet for you.

Or maybe you're just sick and tired of your body shape and are ready to do something about it.

I'll share with you what "Sustainable Fat Loss" means to me in just a moment, but first, let me ask you a few questions...

Do you feel like you have 90% of what you need to be successful improving your body, but just need the other 10% of closely guarded secrets that no one is willing to share?

Do you want the ability to sustainably shed body fat and gain muscle with an easy to follow fail-proof road map (even if you've never attempted something like this before)?

Have you been already been somewhat successful before in your health and fitness and need to level up the last few step by dialing in your own individual eating plan and finding the right exercise routine that fits your lifestyle?

Have you heard of time under tension to rapidly build muscle and burn body fat, but don't have the knowledge or direction to implement it into your training routine?

Are the traditional training methods like bodybuilding or HIIT preventing you from a breakthrough to your best body ever?

Is the exact meal plan that fits your lifestlyle what you need to get to the next level missing from your health routine?

Do you want the 5 Scientifically-Proven Strategies to get a better body (without spending hours in the gym or missing your favorite foods)?

If You Answered “YES!” To Any Of The Questions Above,
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Here's How It Works...


Step 1: You need the RIGHT information to know where you are.  We will lay out the 5 data points all healthy people need to change their body.  (Most people only use 1).  The best part is that you already know them, but you have been ignoring them because you didn't think they were very important.

We'll break down exactly what those data points are and how to calculate them, so you can track your progress without losing motivation or momentum.


Step 2: Is all about FINDING the best foods to change your body.  Is there a specific diet?  Which foods burn the most fat?  Which foods make you feel energized?  Which foods do you need to avoid that zap your energy? (And it's not ALWAYS about sugar either).

We'll cover all the foods that cause inflammation in 90% of the population and how to know if you're one of them.  We'll also cover how to improve your energy level by stacking specific foods together to boost your brain power.

We'll even give you an approved food checklist and a fast food cheat sheet, so you know exactly how to find the best foods to stick to your goals and stay motivated.


Step 3: Exercise.  Or more specifically training...without spending hours in the gym.  There are 5 variations you can make to your exercise routine to dramatically increase your lean muscle and burn more fat while doing it in LESS time.

HINT: One of the variations works the best, and you'll get an insider secret to how to apply this to ANY workout for the BEST results.

By The End Of This 3 Day Highly Interactive Challenge, You Will Be Able To Implement The Simplest, Scientifically-Proven Methods Used By The Top 1% Of Health Experts in Their Personal Life in The World.


We Could Easily Charge $997...

And people have paid upwards of $2,000 to attend similar trainings live in person.

But we believe people worldwide deserve to be empowered with this information typically only reserved for the top 1% of entrepreneurs around the world.


That’s why you can join the Occam's Fitness Challenge absolutely FREE for a limited time only!

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Is 2022 the year you get the body you want?

Throughout my 15-year career in the health and fitness industry, and someone who has worked closely with Olympians, professional, and collegiate athletes, I've seen firsthand what it takes to excel in their sport and build an aesthetically pleasing and functional body.

Along the way, some of the best fitness coaches in the world have revealed to me what truly works to create an amazing body that people admire. After years of experimentation and countless testimonials, I've developed step-by-step strategies and processes that cover how to improve anyone's body shape, build lean muscle, and shed unwanted fat.

During this 5-day challenge, we will be focusing on taking the guesswork out of improving your body shape and how to get the perfect plan.

And after 5 days, you will leave with with a full plan customized to YOU, so you can improve your body shape and achieve a toned look.

I will walk you through every step of the way during each of the 5 days.

1.  We will focus on what to do before you even hit the gym...
2.  How to find the right measures to be successful every step of way and stay motivated.
3.  How to find the right foods that will keep you energized, curb cravings, and pack on lean muscle without missing out on the foods you love.
4.  And how to train to get amazing muscle without spending hours in the gym.

And it's all done through a step-by-step road map tailored for you.

So if you ready to get focused, take action, and win -- I want you to join me in our 5-day Occam's Fitness Challenge.

I'm so excited to share this process with you...because I know the power and potential it has to transform the lives of any entrepreneur who dares to take a step forward into my worldImagine what's possible when I take you through my 15-years of knowledge and experience in just 5 days and show you how to get a firmer, leaner body.

What would it mean to you to not only see this broken down…

But take powerful daily action over these 5 days with support from myself and other entrepreneurs taking part in the challenge from all over the world?

Click the button below and join this amazing 5-day experience.

To your success
–  Lanell Beckles, Founder of Occam's Fitness

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On The Fence?  Here's Everything You Get When You Join The Occam's Fitness Challenge For FREE Today...

Discover the EXACT strategy Lanell Beckles has used to help hundreds entrepreneurs lose belly fat, get leaner and improve their body shape without sacrificing hours in the gym or missing their favorite foods.

Led by Lanell Beckles, this challenge is designed to take the guesswork out of finding your health plan to improve your body in just 5 days...

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


Find Your
Metrics Of Success

Find Your Lifestyle
Eating Plan

Train For Muscle

75% of Americans say they live and eat a healthy lifestyle.  So why are belt lines been increasing since 1980?

You need to think like a healthy person.  It’s not JUST about calories and the scale.  Healthy people use 7 metrics of success to analyze their road to improving their body and health.  Most people have failed at counting calories, only to see the scale move half a pound, and QUIT! 

You’re going to get those 7 measures of success you need to know to keep improving towards your ideal body.  Use these standards to adjust your progress, so you never stay at a plateau, and stay motivated to keep going.

Your eating plan should be based on your ancestry and gut microbiome…because you are different.  In fact, your gut bacteria is 70% different than anyone else not related to you.  Should you have the same diet as the next person?  Probably not.

You’re going to get the signals to build a customized eating plan based on your own biology.  These are all foods you can find at your local grocery store that can nourish you and supercharge your life.

PLUS you’ll get an approved grocery shopping list that shares what common foods most people should eat and which ones are poison, thus avoiding them.

Most people assume that to get your ideal body you have to exercise MORE, but that simply isn’t the case.

More exercise can lead to increased hunger, irritability, fatigue, and excess belly fat.  Instead, finding the right exercise program is about finding the routine that prioritizes the one organ that gives you the look you want—MUSCLE.  

We will go over how to create the perfect routine that packs on lean muscle while burning unwanted fat around your midsection.

The best part?  You'll only work out for 30 minutes PER week.  

This Challenge Is For You, If You Want
The Following...

1.  To get a body that you worked for yourself without running out of time

2.  To get faster, more sustainable results you can keep for your body without hiring a personal trainer, running miles on the road, or killing yourself with crazy HIIT workouts.

3.  To get your no-fluff, customized plan based on your biology that fits your schedule, doesn't take lots of time, and is not a lot of work.

These strategies are the foundation of what is needed to lose belly fat, build lean muscle, and improve your body fact.

No one is teaching this stuff, and very few people in the world have the experience to even know how.

Who Is Lanell Beckles?

Lanell has worked at all levels of the sports and fitness world.  He has trained Olympians, professional, and collegiate athletes throughout his 15- year career.

He is a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with NSCA and has received other certifications in Metabolic Analytics, Kinetic Chain Enhancements, Biomechanical Assessments, Mastery in Program Design, Neural Profile Based Program Design, Stretch Fascia Therapy, and Reflexive Performance Reset.  He also has specialties in Hypertrophy, Fat Loss, and supplementation protocols.

Some of the best strength coaches in the world have mentored him to understand human and exercise physiology and how the body works, which has helped numerous clients get results with their health and body.

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He has developed a system that defies the current dogma of health & fitness to build lean muscle, burn unwanted fat, and improve anyone's body shape.

Lanell currently lives in Bastrop, Texas, playing board games and competing in pickleball.

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Total Value: $997

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