“Hi, My Name is Lanell and I’m an expert health & fitness coach.”

Short Bio:

I help people who are looking to get a handle on their health, overcome not looking and feeling great, and get a body they can be proud of.


I have worked with all types of athletes and people from Olympians and professional athletes to collegiate and high school athletes.


I have studied under some of the best health coaches in the world, learning about how the body works.


I have been featured on the radio and several conferences, talking 

about how to change your body and improve your metabolism


through some of the methods taught in Occam’s Fitness.


I have spent the last 15 years helping hundreds of people build a body the are proud of, increase their overall energy and wellbeing, and increase their confidence and I’m excited to help you too.

Full Bio:

I wasn’t always an expert health & fitness coach.


In fact, I was a model health “on the outside”, but sick “on the inside”. It was so bad for me that my body was filled with toxins I didn’t even know existed! The impact of this is that I would wake up every night after soiling my own bedsheets… I was disgusted with myself and had no idea how to fix it. To make it worse, I could barely breath, and my asthma could only be managed through medication that had to be with me at all times, and I couldn’t understand why I felt so low energy.


I don’t want any other person who is frustrated with their health or body shape to go through what I went through ever again.

So I’m on a mission to find the people I KNOW I can easily help get a body they’re proud of and change their lives.


When I first set about solving this myself, I tried to find people to help me.  Sadly what I found is that many of the so-called experts are simply sharing the same information that they’ve copied from the same articles and videos I could easily find for free on the internet.


So I decided that when I helped people, I wanted to do something better.


I’ve spent the last 15 years studying under some of the best coaches in the world and getting the best education to fix my issues. This lead me to researching & studying how the body ACTUALLY works which has helped me understand how to help people look and feel better without time-consuming workouts or missing out on their favorite foods. This is why I only consider how healthy a person feels and how they fit in their clothes as significant enough to include in my own methods and systems.


I’ve gone on to use those same discoveries to become recognized as an expert in changing people’s bodies and metabolism.


This is mostly because people need to optimize their workouts in their fast-paced lives (minimum amount of effort for maximum amount of results), optimize their diets so they’re eating the foods that make them look and feel great, and optimize their lifestyle to make sure their health supports their productive lives.


I’m now on a mission to help as many people who are frustrated with their health and body shape to get a strong and healthy body they’re proud of so that they look and feel better in their clothes…and out of them too.


I make myself available for speaking opportunities and media appearances to help further this mission.


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